About Paragon Resources

Paragon Resources, a western Pennsylvania based company, engages in land services and lease acquisition for Exploration and Production companies who are seeking to lease property in the Marcellus, Utica and Point Pleasant formations of Western Pennsylvania. Paragon performs lease acquisitions and due diligence using state of the art industry tools. Paragon also provides title curative and legal support for clients, while providing the highest level of service in a cost effective manner.

We have extensive experience in acquisition and title projects involving western Pennsylvania. With an emphasis on quality research, superior customer service and detailed project management, Paragon facilitates the overall process from initial contact with mineral owners through and including title preparation, due diligence, title opinions, bank drafts, bonus payments and 1099’s.

Our team has been based in western Pennsylvania for many years. Our connection to the area has developed a strong network of local landmen with years of experience in navigating local title pitfalls and as such, your end result is obtained without wasted trial and error.

Paragon provides ground support for acquisitions and uses local landmen to acquire leads and leases. These individuals are familiar with problems unique to local landowners. Connections are developed based upon common backgrounds, a theme that resonates across local economies.

Whether you’re looking for a ground force for lease acquisition or a team to employ a due diligence project, we are your one-stop independent land service specialists. YOUR resource for energy.